Can’t concentrate – fish later!

Today (Monday 14th May) marks the last 24 hours of the Voom competition, which I blogged about two weeks ago. You can read the post here. I really need some more votes and can’t think about anything else, so the promised blog-post about my sketchbook paintings of tropical fish for The Sketchbook Project,  will appear here – unusually – this Wednesday. So if you would … Continue reading Can’t concentrate – fish later!

#VOOM and my textiles business

Last week, I was standing on the platform of Durham train station, having sadly waved goodbye to a very dear visitor, when my attention was caught by an advertisement like this one, referring to a search for unicorns.   It was a rotating advert and I as the rail passengers passed by me, I stood watching for quite a few minutes until the one I … Continue reading #VOOM and my textiles business