Moscow Quilt Show and The Bride

Unfulfilled Dreams 'The Bride'

In other international news… I can report that one of my quilts was selected to go to Moscow for the Moscow quilt show. The title for the International Competition was ‘Unfulfilled Dreams’ and the subject of my piece was a bride.

The Bride (detail, head)

This was the caption:

The bride is waiting, her arms crossed, and her foot tapping, for her bridegroom.  She is dressed in bridal clothes as she always imagined she would be.  She is looking towards the future she has dreamed of.  But she has not met him yet… or perhaps she has just not recognised him?

The techniques used included surface painting, printing, applique, embroidery, patchwork and hand quilting. The modern lace for the bride’s dress was a small off-cut from the wedding dress made for Becky. The antique lace on the right-hand side and along the bottom, was a precious gift from a relative. I was just waiting for the right thing to use it on.

Unfulfilled Dreams 'The Bride' (detail)

I won’t see my quilt again until I pick it up from the Russian stand at the Festival of Quilts in Birmingham in August. It’s rather exciting to think of my quilts going to places I haven’t yet seen. I definitely want to follow ‘The Bride’ there one day…

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