A birthday weekend

This weekend has seen major celebrations in the UK, as the Queen’s 90th birthday has been celebrated. In this case we are talking about the ‘official’ birthday, as her actual 90th birthday was in April. On Saturday the Queen  wore a bold bright green coat and hat – the colour of a neon highlighter pen, which seems to have wowed everyone.

Trooping the Colour

Designer: Stewart Parvin    Photo: Getty images

The colour stood out strongly against the red of the uniforms of the soldiers on parade during the ceremony of trooping the colour. You can see the effect in the photo above. The shade of pink on the hat is also a perfect foil for the green. Fabulous!

Bogod & Company, the manufacturers of Bernina sewing machines, decided to join in the celebrations with a ‘Quilt Fit for a Queen’ project. You can see some of the entries on the Bernina blog here. This was also a fund-raising project, benefiting the charity ‘Friends of the Elderly’, as each square-maker made a contribution.  I thought this was a fun idea, so decided to join in, with a pair of corgis (the Queen’s particular favourite dog):


Also this weekend: a long trip to celebrate a family birthday (84 years)  and rather a large amount of football watching (on the television) and listening (on the radio) by those around. Fortunately, I have two hand-sewing projects on at the moment:  a big hand-stitched patchwork, pieced over papers and the hand-quilting of a single quilt that I am making with a friend. Sneak previews below:

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