‘Key Lime Pie’ quilt

Final cover photo (2).JPG

No, the Key Lime Pie of the title is not an edible one. It’s my title for the quilt above, which has been on the double bed in our AirBnB house for the last year (click here for more information about the house). The house is painted white throughout, which makes the colours of the patchwork quilts sing.


There’s a new quilt in one of the single bedrooms, which I’m calling ‘Pinstripe’ (see above). The soft blues of this quilt make the room appear calm and restful.

Anyway, back to ‘Key Lime Pie’: the ‘lime’ aspect is due to the inclusion of the sharp light green colour in the quilt and the ‘pie’ is because all the pieces are wedge-shaped (a bit like a slice of pie). It is simple to cut and to construct and I’ve written a very straightforward and easy-to-follow pattern for it.

The final size is 74 x 67″ (188 x 172 cm). In the photo, it is covering the top of a standard double bed (4′ 6″/ 137cm).

You can find the pattern here.

Key Lime Pie double quilt pattern, cover, by Amanda Jane Textiles

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