“I’m doing patchwork all the time…”

No, that’s not me talking, with reference to the title (although it’s true of me too). In an earlier blog I wrote about visiting Mandy Pattullo at her studio in The Hearth, Horsley (click here to see it) and recently I was there once again to interview Mandy for ‘Popular Patchwork’ magazine. It’s been a big year for Mandy, who recently published her first book ‘Textile Collage’. Here’s a glimpse of the article:

DSC_0070 (2).JPG

The whole interview can be found in the January edition of ‘Popular Patchwork’ which is out now.


It’s been a pleasure working with the editor Elizabeth Betts, pictured on the title page. And at the bottom of the page,there I am, listed as a contributor.


And here’s the bio:


At the back of the magazine is the preview for the February edition, which mentions a black and red quilt ‘Winter Rose’ which I designed. Look out for ‘Popular Patchwork’ from 13 January 2017.