A video for Amanda Jane Textiles

Amanda Ogden, new profile pic

I now have a video for Amanda Jane Textiles, which was made specifically for my Etsy shop. I had to sit in my studio (as shown above) and speak about what I do.

You can find it in my Etsy shop in the About section, tucked in with some photos. Click here to go to the shop.

Or you can just click on the video below!

You can see me working away in my studio under the eaves (that’s where I write this blog), but also downstairs making a cup of tea on my Aga (I do a lot of that as well!) with a few finished textile items artfully displayed, so you can see what the finished product is like, for the patterns I sell in my shop.

My studio is small but perfectly formed, with all manner of art materials, fabrics, threads and other haberdashery contained in boxes (all labelled) so I can pull out what I need in any one time. Finished projects are kept elsewhere: this space is solely for ideas, new projects and creativity.

When it comes to designing fabrics, this is where I paint and in the video you can see watercolours being added to a pencil drawing – and the finished printed fabric.

So there it is, my working life in a nutshell, contained in 30 seconds of film!