On the podcast

This is a ‘stop-press’ kind of blog-post.

Since the early days of my small textiles business, I have been reading a weekly blog entitled ‘While She Naps’ by Abby Glassenberg (www.whileshenaps.com).

Abby Glassenberg at her desk, photo by Lisa Neighbors

Abby is herself a small business owner: she has written patterns for making soft toys and is also a puppet-maker. She writes about the textile industry in its many aspects, about women who run textile businesses and about business topics of interest to such women. She is co-founder of Craft Industry Alliance (www.craftindustryalliance.org) of which I am a member and she has produced a number of interesting podcasts.

Today’s podcast, number 110, is the ‘Community Podcast’ which is full of recommendations of books, notions and tools, classes, podcasts and other things which might be of interest to creatives in any or many of the different areas of textiles.

I am excited to tell you that my recommendation is included! My two-minute contribution comes at 23 minutes 24 seconds into the recording. I am talking about ‘Sunday Morning Quilts’ by Amanda Jean Nyberg and Cheryl Arkison.


I hope you will listen to find out why I love this book so much – and then go on to hear the rest, which includes a wealth of suggestions and ideas. Click here to go to the podcast.

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