On the podcast

This is a ‘stop-press’ kind of blog-post. Since the early days of my small textiles business, I have been reading a weekly blog entitled ‘While She Naps’ by Abby Glassenberg (www.whileshenaps.com). Abby Glassenberg at her desk, photo by┬áLisa Neighbors Abby is herself a small business owner: she has written patterns for making soft toys and is also a puppet-maker. She writes about the textile industry … Continue reading On the podcast

A calico bag, a tea-towel and books

This week’s post is about books and their authors, who are all women, as it happens. Writing about the City of Durham (I live just four miles from the city centre) and about the surrounding area, is a feature of this blog. (See some examples here, here, here, here and here). Over the last ten days I’ve been at three events in this year’s Durham … Continue reading A calico bag, a tea-towel and books