Making baby quilts for twins!

Over the last few weeks, I have had a great deal of pleasure in making a pair of quilts for twins!. Isobella and Eva were born earlier this year and are very beautiful.

The idea was to create a companion set of quilts that would look different to each other, but have enough similarities to indicate that they belong together.

Blocks for 'Sleep Tight' and 'Sweet Dreams' baby quilts by Amanda Jane Textiles

Pink and pale blue colours were chosen for one and apricot and aqua for the other. Each quilt also has some darker tones of those colours, to create visual interest. There is plenty of white fabric in each quilt, so that the blocks ‘float’ on a background of white.  Although these quilts were made in soft colours, bold, primary hues would work well too.

The blocks were calculated so that the two quilts measure the same size as each other: 36 x 51″  (91.5 x 129.5cm).

The patterns are written and are in the shop now.

This is the ‘Sleep Tight’ pattern. You can find it here.

'Sleep Tight' quilt pattern cover.jpg

This is the ‘Sweet Dreams’ baby quilt pattern. You can find it here.

Sweet Dreams baby quilt by Amanda Jane Textiles  cover.jpg

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