Suffragette sashes and Mary Poppins Returns

This week I had the pleasure of leading a workshop as part of the East Durham Film Festival, ‘A Community-led pop-up art and film festival about our North’, coordinated by East Durham Creates (

A series of films is being shown in community venues.

This is the venue for the showing of Mary Poppins Returns.

#Vote100, Born a Rebel was shown before the main feature – a film made to celebrate the centenary of women gaining the right to vote. Behind the screen was the area where the workshops took place. The suffragette movement was a theme for the evening. The young programmers who had planned the event had made decorations in suffragette colours of purple, white and green.

In the first Mary Poppins film, Mrs Banks, her cook and her maid appear as suffragettes.

The sash is given to Michael to make a tail for his kite, which re-appears in Mary Poppins Returns, set 25 years later. The kite is found by an adult Michael and his sister Jane in the attic of the house they grew up in. The kite – and sash – appear again later in the film.

This display of props from the new film shows the kite and sash.

So we made sashes, using a variety of slogans, including some of the original suffragette ones.

We took phrases from the film and also the slogan from the International Womens Day 2020 slogan. See the blog post here for more.

After the two workshops we saw the rest of the film, which comes hightly recommended!

On another subject, my pattern for the Mannequin Bag is in the current issue of Quilt Now.

Issue 75 is out now.

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