Make a quilt to help

a quilt with a white background and multi-colured squares which form a maze

Today, I am picking up on a theme from a couple of weeks ago (here), making quilts for unknown beneficiaries. At the last meeting of my WI group (which will be the last meeting for some time, since social gatherings are now not allowed, due to the virus) we were shown this quilt.

a quilt with a white background and multi-colured squares which form a maze

photo of the person who made the quilt, Tina

This quilt was made by Tina, who is our WI Secretary. She had brought the quilt to the meeting to show how it was possible to use small oddments of fabric to make a quilt. Many of the fabrics around the edge were remnants from projects made by the WI sewing group.

If you look carefully, you can see a small shape on the quilt top made of four coloured squares: green, red, yellow, blue. The quilt is a maze and the new owner can trace their way from this point to find the way out.

This quilt has a warm, cosy back made of red fleece fabric. By using fleece, you can make a quilt without using wadding, and the two layers can be effectively quilted together. You can see from the photo below that the quilting has been done with a wavy stitch which echoes the edges of the maze on the other side.

the reverse of a quilt showing the quilting stitches

A label has been added to the quilt with the maker’s name.

a quilt label

There is also a machine-embroidered label about the maze.

a quilt label explaining that the quilt is a puzzle maze

This lovely piece has been made to give away. It is going to the children’s cancer ward at our local hospital, where a young person who is very sick can wrap themselves in it.

At the recent Regional Meeting of the Quilters’ Guild (which once again, took place before social gatherings had to cease), this was the table piled high with quilts to give away.

a pile of quilts on a table, all made to give away

These will all go via the Linus Quilts organisation to children and young people who really need them.

a quilt top with photos of recipients of Linus Quilts behind

During this season, many of us will need to stay at home and find an occupation to distract our minds. If you have a sewing machine, why not make a quilt which can later be given away? You will never know who receives your quilt, but the recipient will know that loving hands have made it and given it away.

You can use quite small pieces of fabric to make quilts – do you have any oddments of fabric available? Are there any clothes (made of woven cotton fabric) that you were about to throw out? You may be able to order fabric online if you are stuck.

If you want to make a quilt, I can help. There is a link to a pattern for a lap quilt for dementia sufferers here:

If you go to this post here you can find links to twelve quilt blocks you can try.

This post here is about making a backing for a quilt.

This post here is about binding a quilt,

There is a pattern for a single bed quilt, that you can adapt to any mix of colours and any feature fabric in the centre, here. If you are a complete beginner, there is a series of videos on my You Tube channel here showing you how to cut and stitch the blocks here. Look for: ‘How to cut fabric’, ‘How to fussy-cut fabric’, ‘ How to make a quilt block part 1’, ‘How to make a quilt block part 2’, ‘How to join blocks to make a row’.

So… have a go, make a quilt and give it away!

Thank you for reading my blog. Quilt patterns are here, Fabrics are here, Classes are here.

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