Sewing to help

fabric being cut out to make hospital scrubs

One of the unexpected joys of my work (being self-employed as the owner of a micro-business) has come from being a part of a small group that meets once a month to talk about our businesses and to learn from each other. I always look forward to seeing the others and I learn something every time. Our businesses are very different from each other and the discussions are extremely wide-ranging. We met originally because we all did a course in Marketing taught by Michelle Rose (pictured below).

Photo credit: Michelle Rose

Of course, due to the lock-down in the UK, we can’t meet together at the moment, but we are still in contact with one another during a period that is very worrying for small businesses.

Today, I heard that Aimee Veitch, one of group, is going to do some sewing to help and I want to share the story with you. The photo below is of Dulcie Scott, a costume designer, who spoke on Radio 5 about how she – and other freelance friends of hers – have bought fabric and made surgical scrubs for people working in the National Health Health. The garments are for doctors who would normally wear their own clothes for work and who now need scrubs, which are in short supply.

Dulcie Scott, costume designer, making scrubs for the NHS
(photo credit: British Broadcasting Corporation)

Michelle (mentioned above) saw this news story and passed it on to Aimee (pictured below, in her studio). You need to know that Aimee is a couturier and corset-maker who is normally fully occupied making fabulous made-to-measure garments for special occasions, usually weddings. It is impossible for her to work in her business just now, because of the need for social distancing. However, Aimee has decided that she too will turn her skills towards making scrubs for hospital workers here in the North-East of England.

Couture dress designer Aimee Veitch of Corsetry and Couture
Aimee Veitch in her studio (photo credit: Aimee Veitch, Corsetry & Couture)

She has already bought some material of that type that is suitable for this use and approved by the NHS.

a pile of fabrics which will be made into NHS scrubs by Aimee Veitch
Photo credit: Aimee Veitch

As a dressmaker who produces every garment made-to-measure, cutting patterns is very familiar to Aimee. She has produced sets of pattern pieces in card so they can be used over and over again.

cardboard pattern pieces for making hospital scrubs
Image credit: Aimee Veitch

Here you can see how some of the pattern pieces have been used to mark out the fabric and the start of one piece being cut out.

fabric being cut out to make hospital scrubs
Photo credit: Aimee Veitch

Aimee has set up a ‘Go Fund Me’ page to enable her to buy fabric and thread to do her making. In case any reader of this blog wishes to support her effort, the link to her campaign is here.

You can find Michelle at:

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