A 480 piece ‘scrappy’ quilt

A quilt with four coloured quarters called Colour Mosaic by Amanda Jane Textiles

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I have been making quilts, one after another, since I first began Amanda Jane Textiles in September 2014. I haven’t counted them all up, but there have been quite a lot of quilts. Under the work-table in my studio I keep a tall laundry basket into which I throw all the scraps left from each quilt-making session – I keep the lot! (I’d love to show you a photo, but the building where my studio is located is in lock-down, so I don’t have access to it at the moment.)

I often dig in to the scrap-box and I love the serendipity of the combined colours and prints I find inside. I love the look of ‘scrappy’ quilts, where a multitude of different solids and prints are skilfully combined to make a harmonious whole. Last year I made a scrappy quilt myself, collecting together 480 small pieces of fabric, all different, and cutting one 2½ x 2½” (51 x 51mm) square from each piece. Here it is:

‘Colour Mosaic’ quilt by Amanda Jane Textiles

This quilt was made as a wall-hanging to hang in landscape format, but in portrait format it would make a really colourful cot quilt (the size is 40 x 48″/102 x 122cm). I have intended for some time to write a pattern. This week I was doing some catch-up reading and saw in ‘The Quilter’ (the magazine of The Quilters’ Guild of the British Isles), an article about plans for the Festival of Quilts 2020. The top photo on the page included this quilt, as an example from the 2019 Festival.

It was the prompt I needed and the pattern is now written, checked and in the online shop.

‘Colour Mosaic’ quilt by Amanda Jane Textiles

You can find the pattern here.

There are now 35 patterns in the shop: double-bed quilts, single-bed quilts, baby quilts and throws, items for Christmas, gifts and home. You can see the whole shop by clicking here.

It was fun to include in the quilt a few squares of my own fabrics, for example, you can see my Dancing Spoons fabric in the second row, second from the right below.

In the blue quarter of the quilt you can see a square of Ice Cream Please in the third row.

In the yellow quarter, you can see my Drums fabric

You can find all my fabric designs here, there are over a hundred.

If you make this quilt too, send me a photo – I would love to see it. My email address is: amandajanetextiles@gmail.com

Thank you for reading my blog. Quilt patterns are here, Fabrics are here, Classes are here.

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