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Each Monday I sit at my lap-top to write to you. That’s always how I think of this blog-post. I don’t know you, of course, but I wonder as I put the post together if this topic will interest and engage you. I often write about something that I have found interesting and would like to share with you. I think about which pictures to use and spend time cropping them and enhancing them if any have turned out too dark, say. I used to work in publishing (many moons ago) and at one time did a lot of picture research on behalf of a publishing house. The knowledge that any given photo can be cropped to improve it has not left me and I enjoy selecting and refining what you see. Sometimes I will search for an image online, but most often I will have taken the photo myself.

Photo credit: The Knitted Bible, copyright St Georges URC Hartlepool

Sometimes I share what I have been doing – visiting exhibitions (like the glorious ‘Knitted Bible’ event pictured above), giving talks, teaching workshops and classes and going to quilt shows:

I have also told you (since September 2014) about the step-by-step stages of building up my small business, one new class at a time, one fabric design at a time, one quilt or sewing pattern at a time (like this one, available here).

The blog post is sent out each Monday and is usually written on Monday, so that it comes out fresh, each week. This means writing blog posts on holiday, too:

So I hope you enjoy this, the 271st blog post – and that you will take a look at some of the other posts I have written. I am very pleased to have you here. If you would like receive a post each Monday direct to your email in-box, then do please use the ‘Subscribe to this blog’ button. I aim to make it worth your while.

Did you know that I also send out a carefully crafted monthly newsletter to customers and subscribers during the last week of each month? It’s designed to encourage you in your own creativity with great visual content, news, tips and more. I have just sent out the July-August newsletter, but if you’d like to go on the list to get the next one, just click here to sign up. The newsletter is free, you can scroll back to see previous newsletters and if by any chance you don’t enjoy it, you can very easily unsubscribe. Below is the ‘Colour Inspiration’ photograph from the current newsletter.

Thank you for reading my blog. Quilt patterns are here, Fabrics are here, Classes are here.

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  1. Just love the foxglove photograph. Such a vibrant colour. I have some in my garden but no where near as spectacular.

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