Designing the ‘Midnight Ferns’ bag

Many of the projects I design start with the need for a particular item (a new baby has arrived, for example). In other cases, the inspiration comes from the fabric: a particular design sparks an idea for how it might be used. In the case of the ‘Midnight Ferns’ bag, both of these came together.

I designed the original ‘Midnight Ferns’ fabric in response to one of the weekly challenges set by Spoonflower, the print-on-demand company that prints all my fabrics. (You can see my online studio here.) It was a ‘limited palette’ challenge, to include three main colours and white. I turned for inspiration to the beautiful ferns lining the railway paths near where I live in County Durham. You can see a photo of the actual ferns and see the sketch I made in this post here. This is the finished fabric.

Midnight Ferns by Amanda Jane Textiles

It’s a really large scale print and I have had a length ready in my studio for some time, just waiting to be made up into something.

We recently went to visit some family members (once this was allowed by the government, following lockdown). I often travel with my own bedding. I realise this sounds a bit like the story of ‘The Princess and the Pea’, but it’s actually because I have very sensitive skin and someone else’s washing powder can provoke a reaction! So… I decided to design and make a really strong, sturdy, extra-large bag which would hold a double-duvet, sheets, pillowcases etc and this is it! It was made in a couple of hours in time for our trip.

It’s a substantial 34 x 20″ (86.5 x 51cm) in size. Really useful for travelling, camping, going to the beach, for storing household items etc. The design is printed onto a heavy-weight cotton canvas.

Etsy are encouraging sellers to include videos in their listing, so there’s even a video, which does actually help to indicate the capacity of the bag:

The pattern is included in my ‘Quick Makes’ series costing just £1.99 (including VAT) for the instant digital download.

‘Midnight Ferns’ bag by Amanda Jane Textiles

Buy the pattern by clicking here.

I’m selling my quilts! Several more have been added to the SHOP page here.

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