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Recently, I’ve been shopping for items for seasonal gifts and doing almost all of it online. In the North-East of England, we are in Tier 3 of Covid-19 restrictions and numbers of individuals who have caught the disease are still high in our area. So, though shops (other than food shops) re-opened last week after a four-week closure, making purchases via my laptop sounds like a plan. So thinking you might be doing the same, here are a few items that I have produced, that you might like to send to friends and family.

First of all is the basic introduction to quilt-making: ‘Make your First Quilt’ a short online course that gives you all you need to get started.

‘Make your First Quilt’ online course costs £25 and is available here

Or how about starting a new craft, like papier-mâché.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Make-a-papier-mache-bowl-with-Amanda-Jane-Ogden-1024x860.jpg

‘Make a papier-mâché bowl’ costs £15 and you can find it here.

Next up is a basic introduction to wet felt-making, just enough to get you started.

Introduction to felt-making (wet felt-making) costs £15 and you can find it here

Learning how to make prints from lino-cuts is another option for a great gift.

‘Make a lino-cut print’ costs £15 and you can find it here.

There are also original paintings for sale. If you are ordering for delivery in the UK and make your order before 16 December, I will post the piece first class the following day.

You can find all the paintings here.

There are quilts for sale too, like ‘India’ a single-bed quilt/wall-hanging pictured below.

You can find all the quilts for sale here.

For children and adult cat-lovers, there is the ‘Cheshire Cat’ cut-out-and-sew kit to make the toy/pillow/ornament pictured below.

The Cheshire Cat costs £7.99 plus postage. You can find it here

Finally, there is a set of five cards based on original appliqué pieces.

The set of five cards costs £10.25 (including UK postage) and you can find them here.

As it is the season for giving, I also have a gift for you. I’m preparing it at the moment and it will be available here in the next fortnight – stay tuned.

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