A talk and more snow

Amanda Jane Ogden and the Winter Roses quilt about to give a 'Tricia Talk' on quilting

This week I gave a talk, via zoom, for the ‘Super Troopers’ group organised by Tricia Cusden, Founder of ‘Look Fabulous Forever’. It was all about quilting and patchwork, including a word or two about how beneficial this occupation is in stressful times. The mindfulness, pleasurable concentration and the benefits of creating something beautiful are all happy by-products of quilt-making. I also shared information about some charitable organisations who are happy for you to donate your makes to them. I set up a background to the talk with my ‘Winter Roses’ quilt, made for Popular Patchwork magazine a few years ago and put on a red linen shirt to go with the quilt (as seen below). The talk is now on YouTube and you can listen to it here.

Amanda Jane Ogden and the Winter Roses quilt about to give a 'Tricia Talk' on quilting

For the last few weeks I have been working on updating posts on the website. After all, I started blogging in Summer 2014 and I need to be sure everything is up to date. To my regular readers who subscribe to the blog (I appreciate you so much!), I need to apologise because a blog post from 2018 shot into your inbox by mistake this week, because it was re-published rather than updated! Sorry.

It has continued to snow here in Durham. My daily routine in lockdown includes a walk every day, usually before I start work. One day this week was grey and snowy. The ‘Lines’ (the paths near my house where the railways used to run when collieries were open) were so very beautiful.

Snowy trees on the 'Lines', the railway paths in Durham

On the subsequent day, there was still snow on the ground, but the sky was blue. Part of the walk was over an open area planted with small trees. Again, a lovely sight:

Snowy landscape in County Durham

Two visual treats in particular, were this frozen head of cow parsley, which twinkled like diamonds:

frozen head of cow parsley

…and this amusing snow person who had cow parsley for arms!

snowman with cow parsley arms

I’m a real fan of snow and you can see this reflected in some of my fabric designs, for example the Fireworks in the Alps fabric which I shared here.

There’s also Kisses in the Snow

And how about ‘Little Chalet’, which was used by Others and Lavender (on Instagram as #othersandlavender) to make some of their cute cute lavender bags (seen here). You can see all the fabrics here with links to purchase.

Next week, I’ll be teaching a tutorial here on the blog. See you then!

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