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The Maker's Yearbook 2021

Here in the UK we are in lockdown, so all but essential shops are shut and we can only go to buy food and for exercise. Here in the North-East there has been a snowfall or two and it has remained cold. So my exercise today was around the area that was once the sports field for Ushaw (where I have my studio) when it was a seminary.

Amanda Jane Ogden walking in the snow at Ushaw

In the background you can see the artwork ‘The Rose Window’ by Mick Stephenson, which I shared with you a few weeks ago – this was the photo of it at night.

'Rose Window' sculpture by Mick Stephenson at 'Illuminating Ushaw' 2020

Near to it is ‘Magic Lives Everywhere’ by Stuart Langley, a glass piece set into a doorway.

Magic Lives Everywhere by Stuart Langley

The reflections onto the snow in the bright sunlight were lovely.

You can see the post about the other stained glass pieces by Stuart Langley at Ushaw, in this post here.

Everyone who is able to work from home (rather than going to the studio) has been asked to do that, so that’s what I’m doing. I have some great planning tools. I love ‘The Maker’s Yearbook’ designed by Nicola Taylor, which I am using for the second year running.

The Maker's Yearbook 2021

This is not just a diary, it’s also a work system, to encourage you to not only plan ahead for the month and the year, but to also plan realistically for each day, focussing on three main tasks. It’s excellent.

The Maker's Yearbook 2021 opened at a double page spread

I take a lot of time over choosing my personal diary for the year and in 2021, I’ve chosen the same brand as last year, a ‘slim diary’ by Busy B.

Slim Diary 2021 by Busy B, cover

The elastic strap to keep the diary closed stops it getting damaged in my bag. It should just lie vertically, but I find the cross-over method keeps the pencil in place perfectly. The big plus of this diary is the double-sided note-page within each printed week. I used this for all sorts of things last year. It’s a useful record of addresses, recommended books and films, measurements and so on.

The last two calendars were given to me as gifts. My quilting friend Alison gave me the Quilters’ Guild calendar, which fits perfectly on the upright post on the landing at home where I am working now. A beautiful quilt for each month, just above my desk. Perfect.

Quilters' Guild Calendar 2021

I was also given a bullet journal for Christmas, which is an exciting new prospect. As I am sorted for work planning, this is going to be used for sorting more personal things like my wardrobe! I’ve already made a start, by identifying a colour story for my winter and my summer wardrobe. The grid of dots is very inviting. All kinds of lists suggest themselves..

Bullet Grid Journal by Hachette

There are lots of plans for this blog in 2021. I will be sharing some textile techniques with you during the year and also including complete tutorials to make textile items for various occasions during the year. There is also a year-long quiltalong, ‘Summer Bouquets’,which I hope you will consider joining. Details of the fabric requirements are here. The instructions will all be freely available here on the blog, month by month.

If you still need a calendar, don’t forget about my freebie one for you to download here.

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