An upcycled toddler pinafore

If you’ve followed this blog for a while (thank you, if that’s you!), you will know that I am very much in favour of recycling and upcycling. So this week, I’m sharing a post about making an adult skirt into a toddler pinafore.

This skirt was a charity shop find. It was an A-line skirt with two front zip pockets in a dark brown corduroy fabric. Due to Covid-19 restrictions, I couldn’t try it on. When I did, I found that the shape wasn’t quite right for me, so I decided to make it in to something else.

brown corduroy skirt ready for recycling

I cut two pieces from the skirt for the back and front of the pinafore, using a very simple shape that I drafted on a piece of newspaper first. The key measurement is across the lower chest of the child. I didn’t put any fastenings on the side; the pinafore just drops over the head. I used the top part of the same newspaper pattern to cut a facing for the top part of the front and of the back, seen here in a photo of the finished pinafore. I used some toning printed cotton fabric for the facings I finished the bottom edge of each facing and placed one facing right sides together with the front and stitched round the top.

I used the same fabric to back the straps which I cut from another section of the skirt. For a small person, the straps can be quite short! I then attached the second facing right sides together with the straps encased in the seam.

I top-stitched round the edge of the pinafore and also stitched on a small triangle at the centre back hem.

back trim on upcycled toddler pinafore
At the front I stitched a large press stud at the point where the straps join the bib.
On the strap, the other press stud part can be placed exactly to fit the child and it can even be moved for growth!

On the outside of the strap, I sewed a pretty button.

Here’s the finished skirt.
Toddler pinafore from a recycled skirt

Let’s continue to look for ways to recycle, upcycle and re-purpose clothing.

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