Not retiring

I made a big decision six and a half years ago to leave my job in teaching and start Amanda Jane Textiles.

The business includes fabric designs, quilt patterns and classes  (you can see links to all of these if you go to the HOME page here)

It would seem that you can take the girl out of teaching, but you can’t take teaching out of the girl! There are numerous features in the TUTORIALS section of this site here, there are instructional videos on my YouTube channel (just search for Amanda Jane Textiles).  Scattered throughout the weekly blog posts, you will find helpful advice on sewing and quilting.

So what has this to do with ‘not retiring’ you may ask?

Well, I was chosen as an example of a woman who chose not to retire, to do something completely new in later life by Tricia Cusden, founder of Look Fabulous Forever. You can see what she said in her blog post here

And guess what? She identified me as a teacher of skills. It’s true. There’s a customer coming for a ‘Quilt in a Day’ course this very week). I so enjoy sharing the pleasures of making with others.

How nice to not retire.

A ‘Quilt in a Day’ participant in the studio

Amanda Jane Textiles offers unique fabrics for sale here, quilt patterns here and classes here

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I am an artist, designer and maker living in Ramsgate, UK

3 thoughts on “Not retiring

  1. I see you have an increasing range of quilt patterns- great, as I find your patterns very detailed. However, I find that the photos of your quilts are often insufficient to allow me to visualise the whole thing (perhaps I have a limited imagination!) . Your “sunny squares” quilt does this and it is very helpful – for me! More like this please!

  2. That’s a good introductory page and takes all your ideas on from the home page most beautifully. Specially helpful and clear for the less gifted IT buffs. I love reading all about you!

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