‘Playtime’ Baby Quilt Pattern

There is a new pattern in the Etsy shop: ‘Playtime’, a baby quilt which works really well as a cot quilt or as a play-mat. The cover is in a completely new style for me – in time, all the other 62 patterns in the shop will have the same cover! As ever, the pattern is accessible for beginners and intermediate quilter; all the steps are carefully explained and there are a number of step-by-step photos in colour. The pattern includes a flat-lay photo and a colour diagram of the finished quilt.

The original quilt was made with a set of charm squares from Moda and yardage in their ‘Best Friends Forever’ range, but full instructions are given in the pattern about the colours you will need in various prints to make your own version.

Every baby has a right to a private life(!) but you can see in this photo, that the quilt is well used as a play-mat by a small person in a red hoody!

You can find the pattern in the Amanda Jane Textiles Etsy shop here.

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This fabric design ‘Dachshunds’ would be a fun fabric to use in the ‘Playtime’ quilt. Buy the fabric here

Join me next Monday (2 May) for the next instalment of the ‘Watch the Stars’ mystery quilt!

Watch-the-Stars Mystery Quilt 2022 with Amanda Jane Textiles, white lettering on a dark blue background, four yellow on blue star blocks at the bottom

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