Wonky Blocks

I’m going to have to come out and say it: I find making Wonky Blocks challenging! This week, I’ve made two Wonky Blocks as my contribution to the do.Good Stitches circle I belong to. (do.Good Stitches is a charitable activity organised by quilter Rachel Hauser of Stitched in Color. This month, the quilter organising the blocks in my circle asked for two Wonky Blocks in aquas and greens, including one striped fabric in teach block.

Block one

These are the fabrics I cut out for the first block.

Fabrics cut on for a Wonky Block for do.Good Stitches

These are the pieces at the beginning of the process. Then, I cut slivers of fabric off each shape to make them irregular. I then began to stitch the block together. Once these pieces were all stitched, I trimmed the block to ten and a half inches and cut it in four.

stitched Wonky Block for do.Good Stitches, now trimmed and cut into four

As you can see, I had to swop the green strip at the top; my original piece was too narrow. How tricky it is to know exactly how much you can trim at each stage!

Next, I sewed a wonky cross shape in to the middle.

The final block was eleven and a half inches. I had to make a further change to make this work. A new spotted green fabric is at the bottom! Clearly, I need more practice…

Block two

Here is the second block.

This time, the measurements were much better and I finished the block with the fabrics I chose and cut at the beginning. However, the block does not look as wonky as the first!

My two blocks will now go in the post to Switzerland. Stef (the quilter for this project) will put all the blocks from our group together and make them up into a quilt. The finished quilts are donated to a charity called Mini-Decki. The charity distributes each quilt to a child in need.

Do you enjoy making Wonky Blocks?

Make Modern

The Australian online magazine Make Modern publishes its 50th issue this month.

There are lots of great projects inside, including two which I particularly like, partly because they are photographed in snow! (See last week’s post here for more about my love of a snowy scene.)

This is Villager Quilt by Brooke Shankland

This is Illusion Quilt by Leanne Parsons

Make Modern says:

 Each magazine is 100+ pages long, jam-packed with modern quilt patterns suitable for beginner quilters to advanced, and articles about modern quilting guaranteed to make you smile, inspire you to quilt outside your comfort zone, and start making modern quilts today. Our beautiful patchwork magazine is published independently by a team of quilters and delivered as a digital PDF to read on your computer, tablet or phone, easy to take when you go fabric shopping, with the option to print if you prefer a paper copy.

I am pleased to be associated with Make Modern. Two of my quilts appeared in the magazine last year and there are two more scheduled for 2023. You can see the 2022 quilts below:

This is Happy Scrappy Squares.

'Happy Scrappy Squares' quilt pattern by Amanda Jane Ogden in 'Make Modern' magazine issue 47 page 13

This is Onwards and Upwards

If you are interested in making Modern quilts and want to buy a copy of Make Modern or take out an annual subscription (or even a lifetime access subscription), click the link here for the details. (Please note that this is an affiliate link – if you make a purchase, a modest commission helps support my work providing free content on this website and in my monthly newsletters. It is the ONLY affiliate marketing I do!)

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