Reflections about Easter

icon by Andrej Roebljov

Yesterday was Palm Sunday, Friday this week is Good Friday and next Sunday is Easter Sunday. I am a member of St George’s church in Ramsgate and yesterday all the members of the congregation received a cross made of palm leaves in memory of palms thrown onto the road to honour Jesus as a leader as he rode into Jerusalem.

palm cross

Within the week, Jesus was put to death as a criminal. On Easter Sunday, we celebrate Jesus rising from the dead. I have lived with these truths all my life. I grew up in the church and became a believer as a teenager. My life of faith runs through everything I do, including my small business. Above my work table in the studio is a copy of a famous icon by Andrej Roebljov. It illustrates a story from the Old Testament when Abraham entertains three visitors. It has often also been seen as a representation of the Trinity (God the Father on the left, Jesus the Son in the middle and the Holy Spirit on the right).

Apart from it being a beautiful painting. I like the idea of an invitation to that table being just above my own work table. It’s a way of making an offering all I do (design, sew, draw, write and teach).

icon by Andrej Roebljov above Amanda's desk

Aside from the significance of this season for the life of faith, it is also a glorious time of year in the UK, with the arrival of Spring flowers. There is blossom on the fruit tree just outside my studio.

spring blossom

In are small cottage garden at the front of the house are daffodils and grape hyacinths.

grape hyancinth

I understand the concentration on eggs, chicks and rabbits at Easter, because it is right to celebrate new life (after what seems to have been a very long winter!). I was very pleased to be given a small chocolate bunny by a friend.

Lindt bunny

Just the same as at Christmas, I am glad to celebrate these old traditions alongside the church’s great festival.

Happy Easter!

I have designed a small basket for little chocolate eggs – or any other small gift you want to give at Easter time. Buy the pattern here

Easter Basket quilt pattern by Amanda Jane Textiles

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  1. Bless you—just right in every way and just you. To share your thoughts and experience as you have done in this wonderful message is humbling and utterly satisfying. Thank you dearest Amanda and Mark whom we both love so much. God bless you and all your family at this special time of hope after too much misery for so many. Auntie Marjorie and Uncle Eric xx

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