Lydia Higginson, dressmaker, in London

I have written about Lydia before on this blog (you can see links to the earlier posts listed at the end of this one). Lydia spent two years living in Bristol and working in a studio in the Textiles Quarter alongside other makers. She began with a ‘year of making’ in which she totally replacedContinue reading “Lydia Higginson, dressmaker, in London”

Costumes and Kynren 2017

Picture source: The Northern Echo This week, guests from Australia were staying and we took them to the 2017 premiere of ‘Kynren’, the stunning outdoor show in Bishop Auckland. I even have a bag to prove it! At this time of the year, the show begins at 9.30 (it starts earlier  when the days areContinue reading “Costumes and Kynren 2017”

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