Costumes and Kynren 2017

Picture source: The Northern Echo This week, guests from Australia were staying and we took them to the 2017 premiere of ‘Kynren’, the stunning outdoor show in Bishop Auckland. I even have a bag to prove it! At this time of the year, the show begins at 9.30 (it starts earlier  when the days areContinue reading “Costumes and Kynren 2017”

Stitches and Sequins

The North-East of England is such a wonderful area for textiles. I have been to two specialist exhibitions recently: the first was ‘Quiltscapes & Quiltline’ by Pauline Burbidge, which ran from November 2015 to early April 2016, at the Bowes museum in Barnard Castle: I had rushed to see it late one afternoon, with just enoughContinue reading “Stitches and Sequins”

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