Embroidery and Weaving at Ushaw

Embroidery and weaving are on show in an exhibition called ‘Hand in Hand at Ushaw, where I have my studio (see here for details). The exhibition also includes drawing, painting, print-making, woodcarving, embroidery and weaving. All the items on display were created by a single maker – a Benedictine nun given the name Sister Werberg,Continue reading “Embroidery and Weaving at Ushaw”

Stitches and Sequins

The North-East of England is such a wonderful area for textiles. I have been to two specialist exhibitions recently: the first was ‘Quiltscapes & Quiltline’ by Pauline Burbidge, which ran from November 2015 to early April 2016, at the Bowes museum in Barnard Castle: I had rushed to see it late one afternoon, with just enoughContinue reading “Stitches and Sequins”

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