Embroidery on Lindisfarne

This post links with the one I wrote two weeks ago (about Bambrugh Castle), since we drove on up the coast from Bamburgh to Lindisfarne (also known as Holy Island). Lindisfarne is cut off by the tide, so you can only cross at certain times on any given day. We had planned our trip toContinue reading “Embroidery on Lindisfarne”

Meeting Captain Pugwash again!

When I was young, there was an enchanting children’s programme on the television called ‘Captain Pugwash’. This swash-buckling pirate’s adventures first appeared as a black-and-white cartoon in Eagle magazine in 1950.  I came across Pugwash much later as a black-and-white programme (colour television came later still, in 1970). Together with the inventive and clever cabin-boyContinue reading “Meeting Captain Pugwash again!”

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