Women’s Day 2020

International Women’s Day was celebrated this week (8 March 2020) and I was pleased to see that Craft Courses produced a special feature about female course providers on their blog. This included women working in woodwork and metalwork – hurrah! You can read the entire feature by putting the following link into your browser: https://www.craftcourses.com/blog/celebrating-female-craftswomen-for-international-womens-dayContinue reading “Women’s Day 2020”

New Year Resolutions, quilting and otherwise

Happy New Year! I’m beginning the new year with a new profile photo. The last one was done in 2014 when I started Amanda Jane Textiles and I look a little different now, so it’s time for an update. Over Christmastime – at home with the family – there was a discussion about New Year’sContinue reading “New Year Resolutions, quilting and otherwise”

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