Fiddle Fingers Quilts

Fiddle Fingers Quilts stand at the QGBI conference 2022

While at The Quilters’ Guild Conference and AGM (mentioned here) I stopped at the Fiddle Fingers Quilts stand.

Fiddle Fingers Quilts stand at the QGBI conference 2022

I have mentioned this marvellous charity before on the blog. I first met the founders of the charity, Judy Harris and Karen Perry (pictured below) at The Quilters’ Guild conference in Newcastle-upon-Tyne in 2018.

Since the start, Judith and Karen have been encouraging quilters to make small lap-quilts for people with dementia. The charity provides lots of ideas and practical suggestions for how such quilts could be made. Their stand held examples of interesting textural items that could be sewed to the surface and also fabrics know as ‘conversational’ prints. The purpose of these items is not just decorative. They can give agitated fingers something to touch and fiddle with (hence the name) and may also provide helpful prompts for conversation. Certain objects and images (for example of a spade in the earth in a garden, or of a dog, or of an old-style telephone – as seen in the quilt below) may help trigger memories from the past.

Three of my friends have had a parent who suffered from dementia. It’s a terrible, debilitating illness, so the idea of making something that might provide some comfort and relief appeals to me. As you may remember, I wrote a pattern for the charity (mentioned in this post here), which appears on their website, along with other patterns here and is also available directly on this website here.

Can I encourage you to go and visit Fiddle Fingers Quilts’ own website:

You will find photos, information, advice, news about workshops and more. Perhaps you could get together with quilting friends to make quilts for a nursing home near you? It can be very satisfying to make a quilt that could be useful in this way.

Also, if you make a quilt for a dementia sufferer, please will you let Fiddle Fingers Quilts know that you have used their resources? It is so helpful for charities run by volunteers to get good feedback! Thank you.

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I will be with other local makers, at a Makers Market at Ramsgate Harbour on Thursday 2nd June and Friday 3rd June 2022, as part of the Jubilee celebrations! 

There will be a fantastic selection of artisan makers, vintage stalls and beautifully curated goods.

There’s also live music and a funfair so a perfect day out with an offering for everyone.

If you live nearby, come along and support local businesses, then stop off at one of the lovely cafes along the harbour or wander into town. There is an amazing choice of places for great coffee and cake in Ramsgate! 

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