Small business 7 – Raggy Robin

This week, for the seventh in this series of interviews with (female) small business owners, I am very happy to be talking to my friend Sharon Robins, who owns a business located in the City of Durham (UK). Sharon and I are members of the same quilt group, so I have been privileged to see the development of her business at first hand. What is … Continue reading Small business 7 – Raggy Robin

Save money – recycle a shirt!

Today’s post – by popular request – is an expanded version of an earlier one, in which I extolled the virtues of chopping up a shirt to produce material that can be re-used for various purposes, including patchwork and quilting.  Here then, is the state-of-the-art, illustrated, blow-by-blow method: 1.Choose a good brand. This shirt is a ‘Ben Sherman’. 2. Choose a large size (XXXXL in … Continue reading Save money – recycle a shirt!