New textile challenges and a tea cosy

After the excitement of the Festival of Quilts in Birmingham, I was ready for a new challenge. This has appeared in the shape of the  #100days100blocks challenge, which is coming from Australia. I found out about it on Gnome Angel’s website (click here to go to her site). Thanks to the wonders of the world wide web, it’s possible to take part in something like this internationally. What fun! The challenge is based on the book by Tula Pink ‘100 City Blocks’, which I already own, so I was all set to begin on the start date of 17 August. I know I need to work on the skill of really accurate piecing and one hundred days of piecing sounded like the perfect way of encouraging myself do that!

The whole challenge is being carried out on Instagram, so therein lies a second challenge for me, as I have been urged to make better use of Instagram, so I will now be compelled to use it every day for 100 days! I’m hoping that I then continue to use it as a good daily habit. Over time, I aim to post photos of all the fabrics I have designed and also pictures of items I have made from my fabrics. Now the fabrics can be ordered via Spoonflower from Berlin, Germany as well as from Durham, USA, they are more accessible for customers in Europe. (Click here to see all the fabrics in the studio).

And the third challenge? Well, that’s to do with colour. I have noticed how little I use purple and mauve in my quilt-making. I can’t really account for that, but there it is. So all my 100 blocks will have purple, plum, violet and/or mauve in them.Here is the first block, for the 17th  August 2016.

Block 1.JPG

To see participants on Instagram, search for #100days100quilts. You will find me at: @amandajanetextiles

And the tea-pot cosy (or rather the cafetiere cosy which preceded it) was originally made for a coffee-drinker I know, who complained that the coffee cooled too quickly in those handy plunger-type glass coffee pots. I made two cosies in the end and then wrote a pattern, so you  can make them too.

Rise and Shine coffee and tea cosy.JPG

Click here to find the pattern.

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