Christmas preparations in August

I have to admit that this week I bought the first of my Christmas presents for December 2016. Well, to be truthful: one Christmas present, all the Christmas cards, wrapping paper and two small gifts to go in Christmas Stockings.

I started doing summer Christmas shopping the year I was expecting twins in December. I realised life was going to become rather busy around Christmas time. The habit has remained, because it is so much more restful to gradually purchase interesting and unusual gifts when on holiday, for example, and also because I have more energy in the summertime. This year two family members will be abroad at Christmas, so I am particularly on the look-out for lightweight small stocking-filler items that are easily  posted.

I have always enjoyed decorating the house at Christmas time and we usually have two Christmas trees, one in the living room and one at the back of the house (in the utility room!). They are both artificial (the real ones make me sneeze!) and the forest green one in the living is decorated in a very traditional fashion, with red, green and gold ornaments, including lots of painted wooden pieces and a string of lights with a warm yellow hue. The other tree is bluey-green and its ornaments are pale blue, white, pink and silver with lights which give out a cooler white light. Some of the decorations make reference to snowflakes and skiing (a favourite occupation of mine as you can see from this post here or this one here). One both trees are some tree ornaments which I recognise from my childhood. I love both Christmas trees.

So when it came to designing a Christmas tree skirt, I made one for each of my trees: a  red/green/white one in traditional colours and a modern one in white/blue with white polka dots/dark green.

Here’s the traditional one:

cover picture.JPG

And here is the ‘modern’ one:


Both Christmas Tree skirts have a finished size 25″in diameter. The template included in the pattern can easily be adapted to make a larger size (though you would obviously need extra fabric and wadding).

Like all my patterns, there’s a really easy-to-follow set of instructions, each with its own colour photo, like this, for example:


To see the pattern, click here.

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