‘Terrazzo’ is my latest quilt pattern and it has a story attached to it. When I started the small business involving my AirBnB house (click here to see it), one of my first guests was a young Italian. Three years on, he and his girlfriend are living in the North-East of England because they like it here.

They contacted me early this year about making a quilt for them and ‘Terrazzo’ is the result. The interesting part of the arrangement is that they chose all the fabrics and I had the challenge of making the quilt with what they chose. It takes exactly 22 metric fat quarters (each needs to be at least 20 x 21″) to make the quilt top. The designing took some time, because in the finished quilt every block is different to the others and I took care not to have the same fabric appearing in two places that were close to each other.  The finished quilt reminds me of Italian mosaic floors, hence the name.

'Terrazzo' by Amanda Jane Ogden (2).JPG


I love the colours they chose: they remind me of the warmth of summer weather in Italy. It’s good to have been working with them while the winter season’s cold prevails here.

The quilt has gone to its new home and I miss it.  You can make one of your own, though because the pattern is now in my Etsy shop.

As we are  now in the holiday season, I am offering 20% off all my Etsy shop patterns (not just Terrazzo) until 31 December with a special code. Click on the code to go to the shop:  XMAS17.

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