Hand-stitched patchwork pattern: ‘Bright Garden Borders’

I thoroughly enjoy the gentle occupation of hand-stitched patchwork. The quilt above is one of the ones I entered into the Festival of Quilts in Birmingham, UK, last year. In the show, the title was 'The Missed Exhibition' and there was a back story (you can read about that here).  Now, in happier times(!), it … Continue reading Hand-stitched patchwork pattern: ‘Bright Garden Borders’

Still thinking about stitching

I have just been preparing (and then giving) a talk entitled 'Coming to Textiles the Long Way Round'. It took some time to get ready as it involved lots of visuals and I wanted to make it entertaining as well as informative. In the end it was very instructive for me, actually! I realised the … Continue reading Still thinking about stitching