Textiles and tagliatelle in Liverpool

On Saturday I was in Liverpool for a pasta-making course, run by friends of ours at ‘Flour Will Fly’ (you can find them on Facebook and Instagram as @FlourWillFly).

It was a ten o’clock start, so we stayed in Liverpool on the Friday night at Hotel Indigo.


The hotel is situated in Chapel Street opposite a building which was once the Cotton Exchange. This (though I didn’t know it when I booked) lent the theme to the decorative scheme in the hotel.

The former Cotton Exchange building in Liverpool

Imagine my delight on stepping out of the lift on the first floor to see a shelf of textiles books there for me to look at during my stay! As the notice says ‘Borrow me, read me and immerse yourself!’


The landing carpet was like an embroidery


behind the bed was this great photo


and on the wall these pictures


I felt very much at home!

Pasta-making the next day was amazing. Everything was ready for us when we arrived at ‘Olive’ restaurant.


Paola was an excellent teacher who gave clear, enthusiastic and informative instruction.


She, her fiance Andy and assistant Caitlin were helpful and attentive during the class, as we all made our own pasta.


I liked all the specialist tools, including the cutters (very reminiscent of a quilter’s rotary cutter!).


This is my hand-made ravioli


and penne


We had such fun. It was engaging, enjoyable and therapeutic. (Plus, after the class, it was delicious!)

I really want one of these now…


More about the Liverpool visit soon.

This is my ‘Pretty Pickles’ fabric. You can find it here.

Pretty Pickles

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