‘Threads’ exhibition in Sunderland

On Friday last week I met a friend in Sunderland, who introduced me to the Frederick Street Gallery in Sunderland (contact details at the end of the post).

Frederick Street Gallery, Sunderland

We went to see an exhibition in the gallery entitled ‘Threads’ by Dr Kath Price, Textile Artist and Tutor. ‘Threads’ also included work by guest artists Gaynor Devaney and Juli Poulton but the majority of the work on display was a Kath Price retrospective, which included a variety of textile techniques including mat-making (in the traditional ‘proggy-mat’ or ‘clippy-mat’ style), embroidery, applique, patchwork, fabric manipulation and fabric sculpture. The selection that I bought of four postcards of pieces from the exhibition gives a flavour of the range of skills on view.

Postcards from 'Threads exhibition by Kath Price at Frederick Street Gallery, Sunderland

A selection of mats, mounted on the wall as hangings, included this one, which I loved  for its highly tactile quality and soft colours.


There was an interesting extended piece, made over the course of a year, exploring the maker’s relationship with fabrics by Laura Ashley. Of course, I particularly enjoyed the pieces of traditional patchwork, pieced over paper.

Art-work by Kath Price in the 'Threads' exhibition at the Frederick Street Gallery, Sunderland

The artist included interesting labels as part of the art-work, documenting some of the fabrics, like an display caption in a museum.

Label from an art-work by Kath Price in the 'Threads' exhibition at the Frederick Street Gallery, Sunderland

My favourite exhibit was a row of brightly coloured and embellished aprons, joyfully linked together and spread across the width of the gallery wall. Delicious!

Art-work by Kath Price in the 'Threads' exhibition at the Frederick Street Gallery, Sunderland,

The exhibition continues until 13 June 2019.

Next week I will be giving you the instructions to make the sixth twelve-inch patchwork block in my series ‘Make a quilt in 2019’. The week after will be a second post from Liverpool (see last week’s post for the first half of the visit, including pasta-making).

This is my ‘Little Leaf – Pink’  fabric. You can find it here.

Little Leaf - PInk, fabric design by Amanda Jane Textiles

Frederick Street Gallery, 22A Athenaeum Street (Lower Floor, Frederick Street), Sunniside Quarter, Sunderland SR1 1DH


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