‘Threads’ exhibition in Sunderland

On Friday last week I met a friend in Sunderland, who introduced me to the Frederick Street Gallery in Sunderland (contact details at the end of the post). We went to see an exhibition in the gallery entitled ‘Threads’ by Dr Kath Price, Textile Artist and Tutor. ‘Threads’ also included work by guest artists GaynorContinue reading “‘Threads’ exhibition in Sunderland”

How to put up a Textiles Exhibition

Here’s the kit I used to put up the recent exhibition: small hammer (a lightweight one is good) picture pins (these are strengthened, so won’t bend when hammered in) pliers (to take out pins) two screwdrivers (regular and cross-head) screws (fine screws, not too long, can be either regular or cross-head) bradawl (to help makeContinue reading “How to put up a Textiles Exhibition”

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