Happy New Year

As the timing of this blog-post falls on the day before New Year’s Eve, this has to be message of thanks to everyone who reads my blog, buys my fabrics and patterns, takes part in my classes, has had a go at ‘Make a Quilt in 2019’ and all those who encourage me in any other way with my small business.

Thank you!

I hope you will come along with me into 2020. The first posts of the year in January will be about making up the 2019 quilt. (If you are new to this blog, I published twelve patterns for 12″ quilt blocks, one a month, throughout 2019.) I will be covering: adding sashing between the blocks, layering up the quilt, adding the quilting, finishing and binding.

From February on-wards, in addition to writing about textile artists and makers and featuring exhibitions and shows involving art and textiles and telling you about my own current work, I plan to also introduce book reviews (on textiles themes of course!) and critiques of products that I find particularly useful. Please let me know if there is any topic you would like me to cover. I hope you will continue to enjoy and benefit from what you read here. If you like it, please tell your friends.

And with that, I should like to wish you a very Happy New Year, complete with (textile) fireworks!

Fireworks in the Alps fabric design by Amanda Jane Textiles
‘Fireworks in the Alps’ fabric design by Amanda Jane Textiles

Thank you for reading my blog. Quilt patterns are here, Fabrics are here, Classes are here.

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