‘Summer Bouquets’ – adding the outer borders

This month, in the 2021 ‘Summer Bouquets’ Quiltalong, we are adding the outer borders to the quilt top. This double-bed quilt has two sets of borders: a narrow one and a wide one. The instructions for adding the narrow set appeared last month (see below). The plan is to complete a double-bed quilt by theContinue reading “‘Summer Bouquets’ – adding the outer borders”

‘Summer Bouquets’ quilt – adding the sashing

‘The Summer Bouquets’ Quiltalong continues this week with the addition of sashing strips. All the fabrics used are from the ‘Summer Bouquets’ collection by Amanda Jane Textiles on Spoonflower. For information about the Quiltalong and about the quantities of fabric required, see the post here. To find the other Quiltalong posts, use ‘Summer Bouquets’ inContinue reading “‘Summer Bouquets’ quilt – adding the sashing”

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