How to add Sashing to a Quilt

I hope that you now have twelve blocks made for your sampler quilt from instructions that I gave you on the blog every month of last year. You can find links to all the blocks in the December blog post here.

You could just join all your blocks together, but they will make more sense visually if you put sashing strips between them. The sashing strips will allow each of the blocks to stand out. It is wise to use a fairly neutral fabric which will tone with all your blocks. Here I have used a small white polka-dot print on navy. You need half a yard of fabric.

Here are the instructions. Use a quarter-inch seam throughout

1. Cut four pieces across the width of the fabric 3½” x 28½”

2. Cut nine pieces of fabric 3½” x 12½”

3. Join two of the pieces cut in step 1, at the short end. Repeat with the second two pieces cut in step 1. Set aside.

4. Take the August block (which will appear top left in the quilt) and join the long side of the short sashing strip (cut in step 3) to the bottom of the block.

5. Now join the top of the May block to the lower edge of the short sashing strip.

6. Continue to make the left-hand column like this: short sashing strip – June block – short sashing strip – July block.

7. Make the centre column in the same way, with January at the top, March, April and February, with short sashing strips in between.

8. Make the right-hand column the same way, with November at the top, September, December, October, with short sashing strips in between.

9. Place a marker pin at the exact centre on the right of the first column.

10. Place one of the long sashing strips right sides together with the right hand edge of the left-hand column.

11. Align the centre seam of the long sashing strip with the marker pin.

12. Insert a pin through both layers at the top and at the bottom.

13. Then insert pins at right angles down the length.

14. Stitch, removing each pin just before the presser foot reaches it.

15. Press the seam, then open the fabrics and press again, pressing the seam allowances in towards the sashing.

16. Use the same method to join the centre column to the right of the sashing strip.

17. Do the same again to add the second long sashing strip between the central coloumn and the right-hand column.

18. Press well.

Next week, I’ll be telling you how to add borders to your quilt top.

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