Log-cabin Quilt on the Cover

Detail of a blue and green quilt by Amanda Jane Ogden, using a modern version of log cabin blocks

I’m excited to tell you that I have a quilt on the cover of a magazine!

The photos were taken in a well-known newsagent – on the bottom left of the cover of Quilt Now (issue 74) you can see my ‘Seaweed Quilt’.

Amanda Jane Ogden holding a copy of Quilt Now issue 74, showing her quilt 'Seaweed' pictured on the bottom left

The inspiration for this quilt began with Liberty fabrics that I bought from Abbotstone House. Abbotstone House has a shop in Hawes in the beautiful Yorkshire Dales, but they also sell online and provide (I found) a very efficient service. You can find details of their website at the end of this post.

Wiltshire shade blue Photo credit: Abbotstone House
Wiltshire shade green
Photo credit: Abbotstone House

I loved the dark/mid tones of the blue and the green and this became a starting-point for thinking about a log-cabin block. Log-cabin often makes use of contrasts between light and shade and in this case the light is in the centre and the shade on the outside of the blocks.

Detail of a blue and green quilt by Amanda Jane Ogden, using a modern version of log cabin blocks
Photo credit Quilt Now

The mix of dark blues and dark greens in the quilt make zig-zag patterns of blue and also of green, flowing diagonally across the quilt. I designed a single-bed size quilt, but it would be easy to extend it widthways to make a double quilt.

A blue and green quilt using a modern version of log cabin blocks
‘Seaweed’ quilt by Amanda Jane Ogden (Photo credit: Quilt Now)

The effect I had in mind was of green seaweed floating in a blue sea, hence the title. As you can see from the photo above, some of the other fabrics I chose had ‘watery’ or ‘bubbly’ prints. I designed a single-bed quilt, but it would be possible to make more blocks to extend it widthways to create a double quilt.

Every quilt needs a good quilt label, so I thought I would tell you about my ‘Creature Families’ set. There are four families represented here: dachshunds, peacocks, swans and dolphins. The idea for the design came when I saw a mother swan with a whole troupe of goslings in a country park in Northumberland one time. Each label is five and a half by four and a half inches in size, including the amount that you would turn in around the edge. There are 16 labels in a fat quarter. I use an indelible, heat-fixed laundry marker to write the details of the quilt, before attaching it. I write the title, the name of the maker, the date the quilt was finished, the occasion (if it was made for something special) and sometimes I write what kind of wadding (batting) I have used – a very useful detail for the end-user, when it comes to laundering the quilt. You can find these labels in my studio on the Spoonflower site by clicking the caption under the image below.

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This is the web address for Abbotstone House: https://abbotstonehouse.com

If you want to buy a copy of Quilt Now online you can do it at: http://www.moremages.com/qn74/

To find a local UK stockist go to: http://www.seymour.co.uk/storefinder/

NB American and Australian copies go on sale a few weeks later than UK ones.

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