I’m selling my quilts!

A pile of quilts on a chair, all made by Amanda Jane Ogden

Well, not quite all of them, but a good number of quilts. I started Amanda Jane Textiles in September 2014 (not long now until my sixth anniversary) and I have been making quilts from the beginning.

As a designer of quilts, I have ended up with a large number of quilts in my possession. There are quilts on all the beds and a cupboard full of quilts. I have on occasion made a quilt to give away to a special new baby, but now I need to send a few more out into the world…

Each one has a story and is dear to me in some way. However, the time has come to let some of them go. So, I will be posting quilts on a new page, called SHOP that you can see here. The quilts will appear over the next few days and weeks, a few at a time, so if you’d like to own one of my quilts, keep checking the page.

I plan to add one of my own (Amanda Jane Textiles-designed) quilt labels, with the maker’s name (Amanda Jane Ogden!) to each quilt and include a hand-written note about how/why it was designed and made.

At the moment, the plan is to post to the UK and Europe only. If you are interested in making a purchase, but live outside that area, please contact me directly, telling me where you live, and I can give you a quotation for costs of posting a particular quilt to you.

(If, on the other hand you want to commission a quilt, then please get in touch. I do occasionally work to commission.)

My email is: amandajanetextiles@gmail.com

A pile of quilts on a chair, all made by Amanda Jane Ogden

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