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Cover photo for the 'Presents' table mat pattern by Amanda Jane Textiles

I’ve been developing another Christmas pattern this last week; this is a little glimpse behind the scenes.

I had an idea for a table mat that would look like a present. I thought it would be fun to make them so each one was different. The idea was sketched out on squared paper and then I got to work. This is the messy stage of creating a prototype for one of them.

Protoyping the 'Presents' table mat pattern

Once I had a workable solution, the next step was to make the first ‘proper’ one. This involved stitching, writing down what I’d done and taking the photo for that particular stage. It is ridiculously easy (given how many patterns I have written) to miss out one of these stages. Missing the photo is disastrous, because you can’t go back once you have stitched the next part! Sometimes the photos are taken somewhat ‘on the hoof’ like this one. It is of course neatly edited and tidied up for the final pattern, which contains 29 photos like this altogether.

UNEDITED photo for the 'Presents' table mat pattern by Amanda Jane Textiles
UNEDITED photo for the ‘Presents’ table mat pattern by Amanda Jane Textiles!

Then the pattern was written, complete with the drafting of a technical diagram and a quilting diagram. My patterns are all written in inches and in centimetres, so conversions need to be made at every stage. Fortunately, the eagle-eyed proof-reader always pulls me up on any missing measurements or dodgy converted figures! Phew.

Once the corrections are made, the next stage is the all-important cover photo. This involved sourcing some Christmas crackers, setting up the lights, clearing the table at home and sending my photographer up a ladder!

This is the final version of the photo that was chosen for the cover.

The pattern is being sold on Etsy, where videos for buyers are currently being beta-tested. Making a video for this pattern involved setting the table (with cutlery, glasses, plates and crackers) putting on a red top and practising laying the table with the mats within the 15 second limit of the Etsy video allowance.

This is the cover of the finished pattern. It’s all complete. It would work well to make an entire set all with the same combination of fabrics, but I like the individual nature of each of these (which I originally did, to show different possible colour combinations) and think that there are endless variations. They could even be made for a summer birthday in very different colourways!

Buy the ‘Presents’ pattern here

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