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a double-bed quilt in pink, dark green, pale aqua and white, entitled 'summer Bouquets' by Amanda Jane Textiles

Two years ago, I offered a year-long quilt project here on the blog. This year there is going to be another! Each month, you will find the next part of a full set of instructions to make the quilt pictured below. I’ll cover every part of making the quilt, so you can make it even if you are not a very experienced quilter. There will be plenty of photos.

The quilt is called ‘Summer Bouquets’ after the fabric collection of the same name. It’s been designed to work with the six fabrics in the collection (by Amanda Jane Textiles, from Spoonflower) along with three solid colours. Spoonflower ships fabric from Berlin, Germany and from Durham, USA. The links for each fabric are given in the list below.

This is a double-bed quilt, measuring 72 x 72″ (183 x 183cm). This is what it looks like indoors, on a bed.

Below is a list of all the materials you will need, so you have time to gather them together before next month’s blog post (on the 8 February), which will give you cutting instructions. Why not subscribe to the blog, so you don’t miss any parts?

In the instructions in the months to come, all measurements will be in imperial (inches and yards) and in metric (centimetres and metres). However, for the Amanda Jane Textiles fabrics below, I have given measurements in yards as this is the most economic way to buy exactly what you need on Spoonflower.


Fabric A White Dahlia (white on green background ) 1 yard – available here

Fabric B Blooms and Stems (flowers and leaves on a blue background) 1 yard – available here

Fabric C Crimson Berry Stripe (red berries and green leaves on a white background) 1 yard – available here

Fabric D Twin Roses (pink roses on a soft green background) 1 yard – available here

Fabric E pale green solid  ¼ yard (30cm)

Fabric F White Blooms on Pink (flower heads and stalks on a soft pink background) ½ yard – available here

Fabric G Mauve Petals (scattered flowers and leaves on a blue background) 1 yard – available here

Fabric H white solid 1 yard (90cm)

Fabric I bright pink solid  ¼ yard (30cm)

Wadding at least 80 x 80″ (205 x 205cm)

Backing fabric 4½ yards (4.20m)

Binding fabric is fabric D (included in the amount given above)

top left: fabric G; top centre:fabric C; top right: fabric A bottom left: fabric D; bottom centre: fabric B; bottom right: fabric F

For UK readers: a good range wadding and of plain solids and can be found at Empress Mills (

That’s it for now. Look out for the next instalment on February 8th.

Also in the plan for 2021 are some great posts about different textiles techniques and some fun projects to try your techniques on!

Finally, just a quick reminder that I am giving a ‘Tricia Talk’ for Tricia Cusden of ‘Look Fabulous Forever’ at 4pm on Tuesday 12 January 2021. (See last week’s post here for details.)

‘Summer Bouquets’ quiltalong

Other stages will be added here, in additional to the weekly blog posts

Step 2 – cutting the fabric is here

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