A MQG Quilt Swop

It’s always nice to get a parcel. This was an exciting one to receive and I couldn’t wait to open it.

Quilt Swop package

This year I have been a member of MQG, the Modern Quilt Guild. I am genuinely interested in all kinds of quilt-making methods and styles and wanted to find out more about makers who produce ‘Modern’ quilts.

Modern Quilt Guild member's badge

I also took advantage of the ‘quilt shop’ challenge organised by the MQG to make and exchange mini-quilts (24 x 24″/61 x 61cm) with another MQG member. Inside the package, I knew, was the quilt my partner had made for me.

I didn’t know what to expect. I absolutlely loved it! I plan to stitch on a quilt sleeve and hang it in my studio.

It had come all the way from Michigan and even had a Michigan postcard inside with a message for me.

Here’s a closer look at the quilt. I love the mix of bright colours in the circles and the detail of the quilting.

As part of the swop, you have some information from the MQG about your partner’s likes and dislikes and my partner is on Instagram (@gak645) so I was able to see some of her work. Nevertheless, I felt very nervous when the moment came for me to design a quilt for her. I decided on a palette of grey prints, black solid and a strong red solid for contrast.

Fabrics chosen for the MQG quilt swop

I wanted the quilt to represent a ‘meeting point’. In this troubled world, in the middle of a pandemic, we could reach out and meet each other across two continents, not just ‘virtually’, but with a physical object, made in friendship. Here is the quilt I made:

Thankfully the quilt has arrived at its destimation and I hope that my partner will enjoy having it. I included a simple label on the back.

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