The 300th blog post!

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I began blogging just before I began my business in September 2014. For some time now, I have blogged once a week, every week on a Monday. Three hundred is quite a lot of Mondays! I’m so grateful to the many readers who have pressed the ‘Follow this Blog’ button – you make it worth my while. Even you loyal readers may not have read every post, however, so here’s a list of posts you might have missed or might like to see again:

How to

Pin a quilt with a grapefruit spoon

Prepare fabrics for use (to wash or not to wash)

How to do decorative mending and here and here

How to choose a quilter’s ruler

How to choose a wadding (batting)

Vintage Textiles and upcycling

Make three upcycled dresses

How to recycle a shirt

How to upcycle a vintage suitcase

Embroidered Vintage table-cloths

Textile artists

Lou Gardiner

Sue Dove

Alison Corfield

Michala Gyetvai

Clothing designers

Hoodlum Clothing

Lydia Higginson

Kay Ribbens


Stitches and Sequins

Anni Albers

Quilts at the American Museum

Textile Sculptures at the Baltic

Behind the Scenes at Amanda Jane Textiles

Great British Quilter

A new studio

And as an additional treat, I’d like to share with you some sculptures made by my artist friend Victoria Meering, who works in wood (including specially selected driftwood pieces), wire, glass and beads. She is showing work at the Contemporary Art Fair Spring 2021 (Online Fair) which runs from 5-14th March 2021. You can find the fair at Victoria’s website is:

The Thaumas by Victoria Meering
The Tree of Life by Victoria Meering
Shipwreck 2 by Victoria Meering

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