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Amanda Handmade Quilts is the title of my new Etsy shop. As many of you know, I recently re-located to Ramsgate in Kent in the South-East of England. I’m now living in a traditional, end-of-terrace cottage. Previously I lived in a roomy former Salvation Army Hall. The old English expression ‘trying to put a quart into a pint pot’ just about covers the process of making this move!

Quilts for sale

By now, over seven years since the start of my small business (Amanda Jane Textiles), I have accumulated a large number of quilts. Obviously, the ones I made to commission have gone to their new home. However, there are others which I made as samples for the magazines I write for, which return to me once the photography is complete. I cannot realistically keep all of these (even though I want to!)

So, I have opened a new shop on Etsy and I am steadily filling it with these items I made. I will be sad to see them go, but glad to know they will go to people who will appreciate them. This is the link to the shop:

Many of you reading this will be quilters yourself, so can make your own quilts! But perhaps you would be kind enough to forward the link to this post to friends and relations who would be interested? I would be most grateful.

Special Offer

There’s a special offer this week for all you (much-appreciated) readers of this blog 20% off any quilt in the new shop. This ends at the close of the day on Sunday 31st October 2021.

Use the code NEWSHOP21

Each piece (except for one, made from Tula Pink blocks) is a unique design which has been handmade by me. Obviously there is only one example of each quilt, so when it’s gone, it won’t be repeated. That is even true of the ‘Colours of Mexico’ quilt, seen in part in the photo below.

Amanda Jane Textiles offers unique fabrics for sale here, quilt patterns here and classes here

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