Hold the Front Page!

I had a completely different post for you today, but I have some very exciting news to share with you! A brand new American online magazine called ‘We Like Sewing’ is about to be published and the quilt on the cover of the first edition was designed and made by me!

It’s a cool, modern, monochromatic quilt, featuring a glorious selection of grey fabrics in on-point squares, framed by black windmill arms, all on a white background. The whole quilt is finished with a narrow black binding.

The magazine includes instructions for making the quilt and a coordinating cushion cover with a grey on-point square set into a white background. Here’s the magazine cover:

Here’s another view of the quilt and the cushion:

To find out more about the new magazine, click this link: https://welikesewing.com/toc/magazine-february-2022/

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