Oven Gloves in Hot Colours!

Here’s a bit of colour for (in the UK) a rather grey and rainy February: a new pattern for oven gloves in hot pink, red, yellow and orange! There are two versions to choose from in the pattern. There is a long single glove with hand-holds at each end and there is a pair of individual gloves. Both of them have handy hanging loops.

They are certainly cheerful and bright. But added to that, they carry their own safety message: use these for holding hot things. It is recommended to use specialist wadding inside to make them genuinely safe to use; no burnt fingers here!

There is also the other meaning of ‘hot’ of course – you could make these as a flattering gift for someone you think of in that way. The gloves could be a present for someone who loves to cook on a barbeque – or a for a bread-making maestro. In my household, it’s my husband who does the cooking these days and he is the one wielding the oven gloves.

Obviously, it’s not compulsory to make the oven gloves in these exact colours. More sober fabric selections are also available!

This design includes some fun appliqué letters for the ‘HOT, HOT, HOT’ message. Templates for the gloves are included in the pattern and there are the usual step-by-step instructions with colour photos to guide you.

The pattern is in the Etsy shop now. You can find it here.

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