A small snowflake quilt

on the 12th December 2022, We Like Sewing Magazine posted this block to their Facebook page:

'First Snowfall' quilt block designed by Amanda Jane Ogden for WE LIKE SEWING MAGAZINE

This is the caption:

❄Have you had your first snowfall of the season? ❄Celebrate all things wintry and wonderful with this sweet snowflake block from designer Amanda Jane Textiles in our August 2022 issue #welikesewing #Christmasquilting

The block appeared in the August 2022 edition of We Like Sewing magazine because everybody knows that quilters like to start stitching early for the festive period (see information below).

This is a well-travelled block. After going to the USA to be photographed and returning home to the UK, it was asking to be included in a quilt. Here is the quilt:

Our local hospital Special Care Baby Unit accepts small quilts, which are given to the parents of baby who spend a significant time in the unit. I have a much-loved great-nephew who spent several months in a SCBU in another part of the country, so I am full of sympathy for parents and relatives of the babies who have such a difficult start in life. The quilts for our hospital need to be 18-24″ in size, so this seemed like a good use for the ‘First Snowfall’ block.

The block measures 16 x 16″ when finished. I looked out the three fabrics used in the block: white solid, blue and white polka-dot and grey low-volume print. Two narrow grey strips down each side make up the width. At the top and at bottom of the block are two 6½ x 4″ (finished) rectangles of the blue polka dot with a 3 x 4″ (finished) white rectangle between them.

All the blue areas are emphasised with shadow quilting ¼” inside the seams.

There are three squares of quilting in the ditch going out from the centre. You can see the first two in the photo below.

A nice ‘snowy’ fabric is on the back and a modern print of grey circles is just right for the binding.

It’s ready for its small, unknown, recipient.

For the link to the We Like Sewing Facebook post click here

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For the ‘First Snowfall’ pattern specifically, click here

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